daily tidbit 23

sausages and fries

Nadi what do you want for lunch?

Chips and sausages.

Okaaay. Challo kitchen mein- lets make them.

Mama, when Nadi big ho jaye ga, tau Nadi make chips and sausages mama ke liye, ok?


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8 thoughts on “daily tidbit 23”

  1. aaawww!!! i love boys who can cook!! we havent gotten down to fries yet, but we nailed down sausages with eesa a while ago. its such a relief when u dont have to wake up and make breakfast for them. it gets even better when they cook it and bring it for u without waking u up!! watch out jam… it gets adddictive!

  2. hahah sara i totally didnt expect that. now hes saying that to evertything. today we drove out to get groceries and he informed me ke jab woh big ho jaye ga then he will get me chicken also 🙂 so yes hes getting more ambitious….

    shezaaaa i cannot wait to be waited on by my son!! hahah what a higghhh 🙂

  3. Awe my jaan. He is a giver that one. A giver with a huge huge compassionate heart. I see doctorhood in his future simply because he will want to help people.

  4. this baby is awesome! I do remember reading an archie comic in which archie makes breakfast for his mom for her birthday and in the process totally ruins the kitchen whilst his dad knowing about his plan has hired professional cleaners as the birthday gift.

    thank you so much for the wishes and prayers that you sent my way 🙂

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