nice things in a not so nice world.

Things are bad right now over here. An almost country wide school shutdown till next week. We are, as the newspapers and leaders are fond of saying, in a state of war. I could write about how I am feeling about the T’s who are bleeping bleeps for doing this to my country or I could go on about our so called leaders who have not rallied any positive thought or action or even words other than the “we condemn these attacks” statements they make every time a bomb goes off. I could even rant about the stupid college students celebrating the fact that college is closed. I wonder what part of the fact that we are at war failed to seep through the plastic bins they call their heads.

But consciously this blog is not about those soul sucking individuals in life. Its is about two gestures of random thoughtfulness by people who I dont know that well but who literally made my day.

A short while ago, it was one of those days. When Nadi-time was limited because deadlines were pressing, tempers were short and everything seems itchy scratchy. That day I received a package. S, who I share a sporadic emailing relationship with (over the fate of a common friend’s love life), had sent me this book called The Serif Fairy with a lovely hand made card which just said  “A little something for no reason at all…which is the best reason of all“. It completely made my day. And as I sat there leafing through the pages of what is a totally me gift given my love for typography, I couldn’t help but be a little overwhelmed by this gesture. How many times do we not look at something and think oh so and so would like that? Or enjoy that? How many times do we actually drop them a line telling them that? Or better yet send them that thing? Isnt THIS what life is all about when you choose to make it so? Connected. Alive. Caring. I have promised myself that I will pass this on now. Someone out there will receive something that reminded me of them, without reason, just because. Thanks Sash for this.


The other very nice thing to happen to me didn’t really happen. It was supposed to. But in its attempt and intention it truly is something I will remember for a long time to come. A fellow blogger turned email friend told me that we would both be transiting at BKK airport (on my recent trip to Thailand) for 2 hours before catching our respective flights out. Excited at the though of finally meeting (she lives in Australia), and her being the more organized and savvy of us two, A looked up the schedules, figured out a POA and informed me exactly which gate on which floor she could be at and asked me if I could find my way there. Everything went according to plan except two things. I got delayed because of a wait to get the stroller we were travelling with and we did not account for the fact that people travelling onwards domestically might not be able to make it to the international transit lounge.  Sad but with a pending Thailand trip, it was something I put behind me about fairly soon, that is, till I received her mail, in which after rueing the fates, she said that my gift bag would go onwards with her on her trip- a bag that contained a gift for Nadi and the much wanted book by now famous and published Parul I had been wanting to read for me. She also told me that she had had my name called out at BKK airport-just in case I could hear the announcement and ended with her typical practical tone of I guess we just werent meant to meet. I was ridiculously touched. By the gift yes but more so by the announcement. And I sat there for a few minutes wishing I had insisted to the little Thai gentleman that I needed to go to the international lounge on an emergency matter; wishing that we had checked the stroller in instead of hand carrying it. Anthing that might have made this meeting possible- and no not only for the gift bag, although I really do love unexpected gifts. 🙂

I have some really amazing friends but we take each other for granted. We don’t write cards to each other as much as we should or buy each other spontaneous this reminded me of you gifts. We get lazy about adding that personal touch that each relationship deserves and then suddenly once in a  while, someone awakens that feeling in you, f having mattered on any which level and its only right that you throw that feeling right back out at the world so that on some level, the niceness, much needed in todays world, keeps going. Tag, youre it.


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9 thoughts on “nice things in a not so nice world.”

  1. sara, agar mera bus chalta I would put out a Public Announcement for a return to sanity in Pakistan. Kaash we could petition all the public spaces with loudspeakers to put a shout out to end this madness.

    p.s: hamara milan hoga!!

  2. aneela- i WISH a public announcement is all it would take. i take comfort in the last battle at hogwarts and think maybe one day, we too shall have our harry.

    ibteda- good point. to have and be. 🙂

    monaa- youll soon be busier than ever – so blog blog blog as fast as you can!

  3. This is such a feel-good post- I honestly read it after catching up with the news around the country and I was feeling pretty low, and this made me feel so much better.

  4. a very feel good post when depression is all im feeling for everything thats happening.. even people have become touchy and grouchy..
    i hope things become ok ..soon..somehoww
    p.s: i agree with the lets get something for so and so because it reminds you of them:)

  5. Haye, I just read this post after writing a LONG post on my own blog about the country’s situation. Also have been thinking about writing something about my … well, old friends. New ones are hard to make and harder to get along with these days it seems *sigh* and I spoke to one of my best friends two days ago and realized just how freaking much I miss her.

    Your post made me really nostalgic. 😦

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