The older we grow, it seems the less time we allot to simple play-  ideas that go nowehere, thoughts and things that just are. Like children do. We get entangled in needing to slot what we do into a box somewhere marked “useful”. Like adults do. For the last ten years, even though I have loved my work and career, its all been mostly to fulfill some purpose- not personal comments or creative statements. That kind of design (very necessary for the soul) has gotten relegated to the back alleys of my brain for some vague future time when I will have time to play and get inspired and create for the sake of joy. So this year, having had enough of the Real  in my life and inspired by Nadi, who has taught me how important playtime is, I decided to play with my piece for the Alumni Show.

For my piece I played with my favourite ideas- of being Design Police, and in true countrymen style, abusing that authority left right center. I played with the idea of banning certain fonts from appearing in public. I twiddled with the idea of a hippy culture kind of free love for all letters and I weighed  the concept of a zen like existence, urging all of God’s creatures to find their inner…grid. I loved creating letters which didnt conform to a technical grid but instead followed a visual harmony of the mood that I wanted. I loved being able to tweak and pull at ears and legs of the forms without having to listen to anyone.

The IVS Alumni Show will run at the IVS Gallery till Dec 19, from 10am-6pm Mon-Sat.


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6 thoughts on “play!”

  1. Okay, most of that didn’t make sense to me since I’m not a design student or know the first thing about technicalities of art … I’m more of what you may call.. I may not know art but I know what I like kinda person.

    From what I see, it looks good. 🙂 Good job. Always good to know people are inspired by the lives they lead.

  2. thanks minerva. its reall quite simple- ina creative life, it sometimes has to be about just play where you are having fun rathere than fulfilling some greater need. 🙂 any mom would vouch for that!

  3. lol.. even tho I’m not a mom yet, I can totally understand what you mean by ‘greater needs’. I’ve stopped philosophizing so much after I got married 😛

  4. Hey i checked out the exhibit. Didn’t see your pieces? Some of the work was truly awe inspiring.

    i went there today – a day’s break between midterms – since today’s the last day wasn’t expecting much. was brilliant nonetheless

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