happy new anything and everything.

On his Facebook status, someone I know had wondered out loud how people could celebrate a New Year when the blood of innocent was still fresh in their graves, referring of course to the very recent suicide attack on the Ashura procession in Karachi. I had commented back saying something along the lines of how every new chance we are given to hope for something better, we grab at it, because isn’t that the entire scope of human existence- to try and hope for the better tomorrow by celebrating what is there? He wrote back saying that why could the year not be started off with mourning, some respect to the dead some kind of reflection on the times today- wouldn’t that be more befitting?

Another acquaintance who lost someone she knew for years at this very procession was at a common friends get together on New Years. She was laughing while waiting her turn to mention her new years resolution, had her Coke in her hand and was singing, very obviously celebrating the advent of 2010.

So many people I know celebrated low key this year, preferring to stay in with the close friends and/or partners, finding happiness in the few rather then the revelry of the many. No matter how much we say it doesn’t, what is happening around us affects us. It makes us think. It makes us react and perhaps that doesn’t come up in the most expected ways all the time. I wanted to tell my friend on facebook that don’t you know that the only way to survive tims like these IS to celebrate. To be utterly and completely joyful about what you have. Of course we have to reflect and mourn the pointless losses, the madness around us and the sad circumstance of tragedy around us but the New Year is all about new stuff. New beginnings, a chance to get it right again, as Oprah and Gandhi both said. The new year tells us we made it, that we survived our personal wars, the worlds wars and if that isn’t a reason to celebrate then what is?

For me, personally, celebration has always been about the new. A new thought, a new idea, a new start and a new me. Not to say I discard the old me but adding that bit of new always helps to keep things vital, beating, alive. And God knws these days it takes a lot to stay alive in every sense of the word. I understand now why birthdays, Eid, wedding time is always associated with new clothes- they really do make the celebration feel more..potent. I try to bring a difference about in my life by adding a bit of the new. I will rearrange my room to make it new. Add some lights to add a dash of new. I might get a drastic haircut to feel new. And this year I changed the upholstery on my sofa to bring in the new year. It’s a small gesture- irrlevant in the larger scheme of things to anyone I know; and perhaps even trivial and silly in the “how does it compare to what is happening in the world today” sense. But the thing is it’s new to me, and in that, it makes me feel more positive, more upbeat and release that much more good energy into the universe. And I don’t suppose I need to explain how dire the need for good energy is in our world today?

So for 2010, I’d say please go ahead and celebrate. Try to do it with dignity and sensitivity- keeping in mind for a minute the people who gave their lives in the dailyness of their routine for no rhyme or reason. Please go on and be joyful for all that you have and wishful for all that we want, peace within, love all around and harmony in our country and world. For 2010, go to something that adds the new back into your life, that makes you want to get up and live, and give out to thew world some happy, strong thoughts, so that it survives and thrives the next year- with its spirits intact.

Happy New Year to you all. May 2010 be (as my favourite voice of doom puts it) miraculous.


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16 thoughts on “happy new anything and everything.”

  1. best.post.ever :))

    [thankyou for the email that you sent in the time that i really needed some strength 🙂 will reply soon.]

  2. I love ur positivity sara. i hate such negative FB statuses. i had two friends arguing about how ppl are changing statuses abt the new year and not about the new islamic year(muharram) which started a few days prior. thank God for fb’s option of selecting whom u want to read less about!

    there’s sooo much despair and gloom everywhere. its hard to motivate and move on with positive thoughts, hopes and dreams for our kids with so much uncertainty engulfing us from everywhere.

    with prayers for a better 2010!

  3. beautiful post babe…it rings so true for all that’s happening in my world too. i can only be grateful for the friends that have become family and the family that have become friends – and that too seems miraculous enough for now. 🙂

  4. New is so important to feel alive and positive, true.
    it’s all abt the good things in life and being grateful for them and the litlle details.. which is definitely a reason to celebrate! -though not necessarily partying away like how some ppl like to do it. :S

    (random: i remember back in uni during mid-terms, deadlines, final presentations -crazy days-.. etc, i always used to wear New brightly coloured socks, or a New top, pair of jeans, or New earrings.. anything New. just so that i could feel good abt myself and pep me up a bit so I could get past the day. Some ppl wou’d think I’m crazy or have too much time.. But the trick used to work!)

  5. thanks guys:) hope you all have had a good start to the year!

    cheeky exactly- i remember birthdays, events, holidays, get togethers where the new was necssary- it could be something as simple as a new pair of earrings or just that new feeling of aniticpation but man would it add the swing to your day 🙂

  6. I don’t think your friend on facebook is being negative. It’s survivor guilt which is natural and common. Many live with it all their lives. Unfortunately, their thought patterns lead them to believe that celebration is arrogance. I like to use flowers as examples. No one ever goes to a flower and says ‘oye! bad things are happening in the world so wither away!’ We’re not flowers but we’re part of nature too and in nature, everything is meant to blossom …


  7. no fizza i dont think he was being negative- i think he was genuinely wondering- but i was commenting more on the different perspectives regarding the same thing from different people. 🙂

    i love the flower analogy because it says life goes on but not quite as heartlessly as those words can sound –

  8. best post ever!!!
    i think you put into words whats been on every ones mind!!!!

    andddd saraaaaa im loving the image … cant wait!! 😉
    happy new everything to you toooo!!!!

  9. Well put. Life must be celebrate – And New Year does signify a new slate for me to be better, nicer, tolerant and positive.

    If we shy away from celebrating life we are showing those cowards(who bombed on ashura) that we aren’t resilient. We have to be positive for our sanity and carry on. What happened was terrible but life goes on and people forget that till a few months back it was our childrens schools that was being targeted and security settings were added to facilitate safety – and what an added nightmare and trauma it was for parents.

    As the year begins I hope for a peaceful 2010 and we and our homes and our families stay safe and comfortable. May Allah make life good again!

  10. Today I heard the saddest news. My sister in laws bosses son who’s 3.5, disappeared after the driver picked him from his play group. He has not been found yet and neither the family has been contacted. Please say a little prayer for him and his family. And keep your kids safe. Try to pick and drop them your self.

    Sorry that I had to share this sad news on your bright and chirpy blog, but if you and your friends read this I am hoping you will all say a prayer for him and his family. I am just letting people know to build awareness. Bad things are happening in this city 😦

  11. mehreen!! thats really awful and I hope the poor baby is recovered soon- hes in my prayers and thoughts and i feel sick at the thought of him being with anyone but his family. please let me know if you get any news. 😦

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