prayers of the heart.

Everytime I go see a friend’s new baby, I have the usual wishes and prayers for them. That may they be a source of pride to his/her parents, that he lives a long happy, prosperous, successful, life, or that she is always safe and healthy. The duas are well-meaning, if a little generic.

Today as I sat at the funeral watching A’s mom try to bear the grief of losing her boy, I truly felt that the prayers I have been saying were not specific enough- that along with happiness and prosperity, we need something else, something that gives purpose to our time here- a kind of peace and strength in our hearts. Some kind of knowledge or affirmation that what we are doing is indeed important enough. So tonight, I pray for him who is gone, hoping that he has found his peace, and I pray for all the children of my people to find that peace and power in their lives because sitting there, it was heartbreakingly clear that you can have everything- loving parents, wondrous talent, many friends, an amazing future but still be  incomplete because you haven’t found that peace. I hope Allah Mian pardons you and gives you what you couldn’t find here. Ameen.


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8 thoughts on “prayers of the heart.”

  1. Things like this have happened before too, but I never felt them on such a great level. Though I didnt know A personally, as a mother my heart went out to him and his family. May he fid his peace…ameen!

  2. things like these haunt me for too long. regardless of the fact that i hardly knew A, his death leaves me with so many questions and the mind refuses to stop analyzing the situation.
    how despite having a great life on the surface something just wasn’t enough…and we’ll never know what that was.

  3. i don’t know him at all, its just through fb i saw some friends updates on this.
    the first thing i did was say a prayer for him and his family.. i could never imagine what the parents must be going through, to lose a child at such an age.
    may Allah give them patience and strength to cope with their loss.. and may He keeps us all on the right path and bless us with the gift of reasoning so that we can make sense of such tragic incidents.

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