daddy cool.

Recently there has been such a noticeable and marked change in the father-baby relationship that one cannot help but but wonder what has changed in what they are being fed. Suddenly the sight of a dad eating with his two kids at Nandos is not a strange one. Or a new father carrying his tiny baby in a sling while the mother walks freely ahead checking out shops. Or a dad picking the kid up from school in the middle of the day in his suit. All looking quite comfortable too.

Once they manage to get off their testosterone induced (and his mother encouraged) high horse of their only job being that of the Provider and truly throw themselves into the diverse roles that this challenge brings about, nothing is sexier or more heart melty than men who have embraced fatherhood willingly and excitedly and who pitched in without needing to be shouted at, hormoned at or pissy glared at  to let go of their blackberries and do what has to be done.

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12 thoughts on “daddy cool.”

  1. oh jam…im totally with u on the fact that its about time! but i’m soooo not about to give their ego a rubbing by calling it sexy or heart melting. no one thinks its sexy or heart warming to see a mom do the same things!! its totally expected of her.

    last yr, while i was waiting to catch a flight, i saw three different women running their homes through the cellphone “baby, make sure you do your write up for your project” or “there is frozen pasta sauce in the freezer”. NEVER have i seen a guy whisper that into the phone. why, jam, why? why are women so dumb!? why have we resigned to our roles?


    ps. we really should do a write up abt all the things we will never say to our DIL!:P

    1. sheza ok so thats totally NOT where i was going with this post 🙂

      im not sure i agree with you- what is expected from a mom is very different from what is expected of a dad and i for one, really have no issues with that. these roles arent necessarily ones that only BIND but also free you because i think once you accept that its upto you to define it as suits you best- , all the more power to you to make it how you want it.

      i think it IS amazingly sexy to see men do this – just as it is amazing to see moms do other stuff-

      waisay for the record i HAVE seen great examples of dads with homework who call their kids up to make sure they have eaten and do whatever is necessary-

      personally, i think im quite tired of women who want the guy in their life to be exactly like them when it comes to the children. They are compositely made differently. mars venus and all that. work it out to the best but essentially it cannot change.

  2. seriously, i think dads acting like dads is supercool. and it makes my blood burn when i see the so-called-dads who are not doing their share of parenting and pick on their wives and other dads who actually are doing something!!
    i also know of dads who are fine as long as their own mothers not in sight. such hypocritical ones are the worst of its kind.

    1. yes unfortunately have seen loads of those around here., perfectly nice guys who freak out at the thought of their mother (and friends even) seeing them help the wife bring up the baby or hold a diaper. i think they believe it makes them look whipped- a word i hate because of how cavalierly it seems to be used- and god forbid anyone think that a man could simply be helping….

  3. @ Sheza – theoretically I agree with you. how come dads go to work with no other worries. perhaps its social conditioning. i know i call home through the day to check on my brats.

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