ostrich, cushion, denial, whatever.

I love my power to cushion. There are some things which over a period of dealing with them, suddenly make me snap. I simply cannot deal with them and I feel the need to then pad myself on all sides against their existence by literally taking a step back and tuning out and refocusing on things that go the way I like them to go. It is a method that has served me well and when the irk factor goes down (usually does), then I am able to resume normal function and tolerate that situation again.


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10 thoughts on “ostrich, cushion, denial, whatever.”

  1. but don’t people question you if you’re sometimes not involved enough in the situation.. and might even accuse you of being indifferent, unemotional, and that you don’t care enough..

    did u do this cushion illustration?

    1. of course they do- thats the point. you get involved so much you care so much that it ends up being not worth it (only you can be the judge of this obviously) and thankless situations sap you. So instead of getting to the sap point, i cushion- retreat into my own padded cell, dungeon call it what you may- where only what i say goes πŸ™‚

  2. I wish I could cushion.

    Instead I have the nasty habit of ramming into things headfirst without even a helmet handy.

    I can be such an idiot sometimes.

    Cushioning is good.

    1. minerva by instinct thats exactly who i am-0 the ram the butter the one who dives in headfirst, wanting to solve it all. this cushioning super power is new. and I like it.

  3. yes…this reminds me of the phase i was going through in my “epitome of positivity” post.
    never really cushioned though.
    sounds comfy.

  4. What about when you cushion so much that you find it hard to get back into caring? What if you’re so sick of the water that you find the thought of diving back in unbearable, but know that the only way out is on the other side?

    Keep a stiff upper lip, I know. But the thought is little comfort.

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