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For any relationship you have as part of life today, what sustenance do you look for? How do you keep it fresh, keeping it from sagging with the dailyness of things? What do you do to rejuvenate it? Each one is different so each requires something different. Do you even know what is needed? Do you keep tabs on each? Do you stay on top of things, bringing in the zing and zap because it matters? Or do you let it wilt and grey because there are too many other things to do? How do you know when something isn’t worth your time anymore?


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5 thoughts on “on my mind.”

  1. Honestly I wish I could answer that more effectively. I often find myself hoping that life itself could provide the aforementioned ‘sustenance’ to rejuvenate the mundanities. Many a times it does. Many a times, it doesn’t. And it is in the latter of the mentioned times that I find myself dozing off in the regularity of it all.

    But mostly, it’s the cycle of life itself that keeps things fresh. I guess it’s a functional happening. It keeps going on. There are lazy times and then there are new things to zig and zag.

    I guess what I’m saying is … I wait for things to get interesting on their own. Bringing in pizzazz … is something that I may do occasionally .. but more often than not it’s something I let take care of itself. 🙂

  2. Haven’t you yourself answered this question in another post 🙂 .. I guess it can happen only when the both person grow, simultaneously with each other on the curves of life .. The zing factor can always be brought in ofcourse , but that is like an icing .. unless the cake itself is baked properly, icing wldn’t amount for long 🙂

    And hi .. long time reader .. first comment 🙂

  3. surbhi 🙂 yes i think i did…sigh does this mean i know what im supposed to do- hate that! 😛

    and always happy to meet long time readers who finally comment!

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