Another McMeal.

Nadi’s fascination with Ronald McD remains unfazed.

He is not a fan of the food, or the toys or the playplace but he absolutely dotes on the clown. He has noticed details about his clothes, his hair, his persona that really do defy the imagination. He will plonk around in huge red Sketchers or wear K’s stripey socks upto his knees. Of course his mad eye for detail and energy has been voraciously fed (much to my chagrin) by his doting aunt in NY who sent him a pint sized McD costume, red curly wig and a McKids activity DVD and his other aunt who has creatively put together all manner of McD accesories for him using odds and ends from her own junk stash.

This afternoon post school and lunch, the half an hour of quiet play time before his nap time, he came to me with a wadded up bunch of red cellophane and said Mama can you please stick this on me? Most curious about this artistic venture I asked him what the plan was. And he said to first please tape the wrinkled celllophane on him. A tedious 15 minutes of explicit instructions from him later, he had the red material wrapped around him like a seaweed wrap and he gave me a huge smile and said, “Ta-daaa, Nadi is crunchy McDonalds!”


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5 thoughts on “Another McMeal.”

  1. The boy has an aesthetic vision though I am yet to notice artistic delicacies on his face. A pure alpha male he is with those deep naughty eyes.

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