the way we were, the way we’ll be.

We hit our 5 years married mark in a couple of months. Perhaps its not the time for that serious reevaluation and all as such but being human, and a little bit overthinky, one (read: I) cannot help but toss these little questions out to k from time to time to try and see what the stong silent part of us wonders and thinks.

We were on our way back from somewhere- just the two of us in the car and decided to detour for icecream. He put on music and was holding my hand, nice happy silence in the car when I said, “We used to do this a lot remember, just the drive and ice cream and all that talking.” Hee nodded and added, “Yea it used to be a lot of fun.” “Do you miss it, ?” I ask. “Of course..”, he says. I turned around in surprise because I honestly thought he would do the guy thing and give the safe no-i-love-my-life-as-is-right-now answer. To make me happy of course. I open my mouth to say something, and before I can, he goes on, “…but that time will come back. Better than before. There is always a time for everything.”

And just when you have finally made peace with the fact he doesn’t have the philosophy gene in him, your husband of 5 years and best friend of 7 goes and delights you once more with his deeper insight into who you are and what you need.


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6 thoughts on “the way we were, the way we’ll be.”

  1. first a big Ameen (and i think you hit the motherload when it comes to good men and positive articulations of masculinity, hope Nadi gets it from his as well).

    So how are you doing with the 5 years, 5 letters project?

  2. jammie, i have to say, the response was perfect in it’s honesty and otherwise 🙂
    we are reaching our 5 this july too!

  3. thats such a sweet post…i hope i would b writing something like this after 4 years insha Allah
    hope u guys do get to enjoy each and every phase of ur married life. amen *hugs and prayers*

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