fender bender

Or more appropriately, gender fender bender.

At Nadi timei, both k and I were in absolute loving harmony over the fact that we felt it would be more exciting and anticipationy (yes I made the word up) to wait and to be told Its a boy! or Its a girl! rather than to know what we were having beforehand. Yes it meant more yellows, greens whites and turquoises but we were not daunted by a colour spectrum devoid of blue or pink at the time. We figured there would be more than enough time to shop in that hue later. It worked out great and Nadi was born; we were happy it was a boy because we had not reached a truce on a girl name at all.

As week 18 zips past and the anomaly scan time comes up, I am talking to a friend about her baby and how she couldn’t find out gender because hger baby was moving too much, I say something along the lines of that the twins had better cooperate, I really want to know this time. At this point, I can vaguely see k’s facial expression start to contort but I persevere in my conversation and 15 minutes later, as I put the phone down, he point blank states, “But I dont want to know.” I am actually incredulous. Why wouldn’t you want to know? I ask him, I mean we did it that way once, let’s try it another way now. He is adamant that its no fun and the suspense is half the game etc etc blah blah. I agree with him I really do, that the first time round, it was nice to not know. It felt correct; but surely I am not wrong in saying that one surprise per pregnancy is enough?

We are still at an impasse and even though I am threatening to message him the genders on his phone, it looks like I might just find out keep my mouth shut till October. Sigh.


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4 thoughts on “fender bender”

    the drama over, as much as the suspense will kill me, and yes, you too, haha, but i think i’ll side with k here.
    one surprise per pregnancy is a great rule and all, but imagine, you’re in the delivery room, you have no clue even after the first baby’s out, what the next one’s going to be. SUCH FUN!
    oh, i’m getting goosebumps just imagining it all!

  2. if you are keeping count there have been two surprises during your pregnancies:
    1) Nadi^s gender
    2) the scan showing there are twins
    you could find out and SERIOUSLY play mind games, larka hai, nahee larki hai, nahee dono larkey hai, nahee nahee larkiya…..in my case EVERYONE knew except me as I really wanted it to be a surprise.

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