this little boy at 3.

1. Nadi loves to pocha. Yes I am talking about your good ol fashioned desi kind of mopping. A bucket of sudsy water and a rag cloth. He has all the professional moves down pat from watching Mohan clean our house everyday. He knows how to squeeze the pocha, when to add the Dettol, how to move backwards while mopping. God is surely in the details.

2. At his school pool party, Nadi who is a fish otherwise, absolutely refused to step into the pool after the first ten minutes because, “Mama grass comes and tickles me when I am not looking.” Any kind of fluff, fuzz, grass, speck or sand in the pool is NOT acceptable. The beach however, we love, sand and grime and all.

3. All little boys love stickers I knew that. What I did not know was that this little boy wants to make his own stickers. So every morning we get up and we choose some really random off beat thing, like spidermans HANDS or the medicated bumper ointment on l+Lightning Mcqueens butt to take a printout of and stick on us with scotch tape. I dont understand when this child understood the mechanics of printing and scanning but he does and he knows exactly how you can gind what you need on google images so trying to fob him off with excuses simply doesn’t work.

4. He has a memory like a back up hard drive. He doesn’t delete anything. Remembers everything and especially has a thing for visual connections. He will try to find a link between the randomest things and  more often than not, if he tells us he saw a logo or a colour or a shape somewhere, we believe him because to date he hasn’t been wrong. We are clearly out of depth here.

5. He is the nuttiest little boy I have ever seen. Of course 35% of this is pure unadulterated bias but he has a sense of humour that evades most adults I know. Pronunciations tickle him much the same way they trigger me and we can spend minutes in fits of giggles by simply repeating a word that sounds funny at the time (currently its PIYUN- like paani PIYUN)

6. At 3 he has a sensitive, gentle strain that is a bit scary. He has an ear for tones- he will pick up on love or sarcasm even when I dont intend for him to. Conversation between k and me has largely become a secret langauge of spelling and implications as we try to say things that he will not understand immediatrely. He will pick up on moods he shouldn’t- not at the age of three and he will ask me questions like Mama, are you happy? if he sense something is on my mind. It bothers me because I cannot protect him from my moods. It scares me because it means he might have this heightened awareness of the world and is that a good thing?

7. He prefers to be busy on his own as opposed to any structured activity. He likes other kids- ones he knows and always has a good time. But give him his rubber shark (which he has acrylic painted in several shades of grey and red) and his battered Lightning Mcqueen and he will spend an hour spinning a story around them. He was happy enough in school yes, but seeing him at home in summer has been a revelation into who he is as his own person.

8. He is Mama’s boy…for now. I see it in his eyes and face and even though his absolute hero in life is his dad, I love the way his eyes seek my approval. I am well on my way to being scary boy’s mom who will not like the daughter in law but thankfully for me, I have a normal husband, great sisters and friends who will kick my butt if I even try going down that route. For now though, it warms my heart and fills me with this mad sense of man-I-had-better-do- a-good-job-raising-him-fear.

9. Nadi is a stubborn stubborn stubborn little charmer. Platitudes like mama I love you, mama you look so cutey will fall from his lips given time and place of what he wants. He will worm what he wants out of you without you even realizing you have lost the battle. And he will do it with a smooth charm and guileless belief in his own agenda that is so hard to resist. It doesn’t bode well for the future- OUR future-  that he has realized that anything can be gotten with the right tone and mood.

10. Even though we are always searching in his eyes and behavior for glimpses of ourselves in a typical proud parent manner, what I think gives us the biggest thrill of gratefulness is the completely whole person he is by himself, that has nothing to do with either of us. His own way of doing things that is sometimes, so much better than something he would have inherited from us. Its larger than what we could have given him and imagined for him and its humbling to know that no matter how big our plans for him, his own, thanks to the Higher Power, are bigger.


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19 thoughts on “this little boy at 3.”

  1. wow.. *mashalla*, the duas are coming ur way too… always do when i read such heart warming posts.
    Nadi is blessed to have parents like you.. and vice versa. 🙂

    1. thanks 🙂 i havent done a post like this ina while and i have startd forgetting details of when he was younger.So this was a panic post 😀

  2. its great that you’re writing again. Missed reading all the updates. Mashallah Nadi is looking so well. I’ve been reading ever since you got married. Missed hearing about him!
    god bless

    1. yeaa i have been rather erratic with the writing, its the age old tussle of wanting to live and wanting to capture that living in the writing- loved some of the newer music posts

  3. who is that poor slave in the blue shirt?
    looks like she made a video of the whole event in full jet lag mode.
    this is my favorite picture from his bday.

  4. 😀 he is abig boy and yes v mashallah difefrent from other kids his age..which makes nadir..NADI:D
    and khizz there were other slaves , way better at their job then the jet lagged ones:P [oo and they got Chinese food for lunch too]:D

  5. Oh so cute!

    Just recently subscribed to your blog. This post has me as an ardent fan now. He’s blessed to have a mom like you, Masha’Allah!

  6. He is an amazing little boy! I love reading about his (and your) adventures. Btw, I noticed I’m on the blogroll. Yay! And thanks.

  7. loved this sarah- all the mommy emotions- the deep sense of pride, the daily amusement at small things , astonishment at ishemine? play out so well in this post.. please write more frequently and may nadi continue with rambo poses on chhatt pool parties for many more years to come


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