one, two, four names?!

We had a very easy time deciding what to name our first born boy but till he was born, and we could breathe easy that it WAS a boy, we had no girl name to fall back on.  We simply couldn’t agree on one that didn’t remind us (not too nicely) of someone we already knew or too much of someone we liked. We wanted a name that had no history in either of our lives. Quite hard to do with people as social as us apparently.

This time round, because we are still playing the guessing game with the gender, we need to come up with TWO names each. I love names with meanings (Nadir means “rare” in Persian and for us, that fit the bill); so I have been trawling the net trying to find some names that have a meaning that clicks with how we feel this time round. K likes names which…well I dont actually understand his criteria…except he tells me he likes them. I usually do not like the ones he does. As you can see the task is made harder by both of us refusing to cooperate or give in.

Any suggestions are welcome. Our only “issue” is that the last name of the baby will be Wyne. So Samar Wyne is definitely out.


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33 thoughts on “one, two, four names?!”

  1. Finallllyy…My ‘unique names’ list that i have been compiling since 2 years come to use :p Here are the names I fell in love with when I first heard them and also the names I like meanings of. I might not like a lot of them now, but here they are anyway:

    zaira- shining flower
    amana- faithful
    seham- generous- swahili
    fareena- happiness
    zorain-dawn light of day
    amelle-arabic name, it means hope, expectation.
    zaina means beautiful.
    almirah is princess
    amani is desires, expectations, wishes

  2. your case is quite complicated.. so you have to decide on four names, two boys and two girls.
    but what is it’s a boy and a girl? between you and k, who gets priority to choose name for each? and HOW would you decide in such a situation?.. i would be so so confused.
    you can do a lucky draw and take out chits from a bowl.

    some names i can think of, all are arab. i can give u the meanings if you like:
    – girls:
    ..i can go on…

    – boys:
    salim (not saleem!)
    .. and i can go on…

    do u have any preference, in how the name should sound, or the first letter..etc.
    Good Luck.. seriously! you need it 🙂

  3. whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    so many namesss:D
    name one boy[ if there is a boy in the equation:P] kehan..its a nice name, dont know what it means though
    Aisha for a girl
    or syra wyne:)
    natasha wyne:D
    zyad wyne:D

    1. SYRA?? are you serious marium?? 😀
      i dont want to do aisha and nartasha too many close kids and people with those names.

      its such a dilemma knowing so many people with nice names already 😛

  4. Anya.

    It means ‘gracious’ in the Islamic context. It comes from anayat which is to bestow.

    Sarim; brave hearted.

    I love the way they sound.

  5. hey guys thanks for some really interesting suggestions- am adding a couple to what i call my Final Cut 😀 this is the list that k and i actually agree on!

  6. Amr- hukam dene wala
    ray’n- intelligent (he’ll get a kick out of having an apostrophe in his name for his entire life :-D)
    zafeer- zephyr

    Tasmiya- if you’re religious, it denotes the first part of the first kalmah.
    hareem- also religious; the walls of the ka’aba (or so I’ve heard)
    umama- preserver of honor/respect

  7. Excuse the deluge, I became very excited at the news and let my imagination run wild.

    Imad or Ammad

    Maida (pronounced MAAida, not like maida as in flour or abdomen)
    Mina (not Meena)
    Eylia (first syllable rhymes with pail/bail/sail)

    They all have meanings, I promise I didn’t make them up just because I liked the “sound” of them.

    Prayers and more for you and your family:)

  8. I can sooooo relate to your post! It was the exact same for me. It was too much to think of four names! I could not, however, decide before the babies were born, so I didn’t! In fact we named them about a month after they were born!

  9. Teach them good Urdu skills, since the schools et al will probably more than sufficiently hone their engrezi.

    Make an Urdu version of this blog. Name it amma-e-androon, bachi-e-behroon. 😀

  10. No wait. That’s amma-e-behroon, bachi-e-androon. :-p

    I’m stopping myself from going on an assure-excellent-philosophy-and-experience-based-education rant because I have a feeling you’re much better equipped and aware of the entire scenario than I am. I’m big on kids being given the tools to look beyond the immediate and peripheral, the tools with which they can gain better insight and knowledge with what they’re given… Too many kids from affluent families have nothing to do but spend daddys $$. It’s just something that greater empathy and awareness and insight could easily remedy.

  11. Lol @ Samar Wyne.

    Surprisingly I did not have a very hard time coming up with names when I was about to give birth a few months ago but it was crazy trying to explain my criteria it to everyone else.

    In the end I’d simply say it’ll sound right to me when I hear that name.

    We’d decided on Zainab for a girl and Ibrahim for a boy. We ended up using Zainab 🙂

    A few other names that made it to my list before being crossed out.





  12. im here to make your life easy:
    Boy zahid, girl zahida
    Boy rizwan, girl rizwana
    boy imran, girl imrana
    boy farhan, girl farhana

    there you go!

      1. kya howa? *looks at u innocently!*

        i’m only making it easier for u! *grins*


        how was the veecaytion? cute nadi stories?

  13. Okay, so stumbled upon your blog and HAD to comment! ^_^
    Girl names:
    Zahabia: Islamic origin, Means ”GOLD”
    Seemal: Islamic…It means ”Soft”. =)
    Momal: Islamic…Means ”Message of Love/ Internal and External Beauty”

    Okay and the boy name. I couldn’t remember any unique ones but I heard this one and I liked it.


    Oh and Congratulations! =D

  14. i love sheza’s suggestions 😛

    i think i will stick to what i said before.

    Sonya and Leyla for girls

    Arsalan and Ammar for boys


    1. Sonya and Layla both are beautiful names but PLEASE remember names such as these are often most mocked at- specially in our society. You don’t want your daughters to hear “Laila main Laila.. kaisi main laila”/ “kehdo na you are my sonia…” whenever they tell their name. Trust me, I’m a victim. btw, contrary to popular belief sonia means wisdom is hebrew.

  15. how about ‘iraj’ for girl and Rayan wyne for a boy?!?
    congrats Jammie.. May u stay blessed with soo many happinesses in life. Reading ur blogs is always a pleasure 🙂

  16. Oh My God! Oh My God!! Congratulations Jammiee….. I love reading your blogs… They give me happy feelings that stay…

    May the Almighty Bless you and your life to come!

    I like Armaan for a boy or Baqir…

    And Haya for a girl or Rida! 🙂

  17. came here to congratulate you guys since I hopped over to this blog after eons!!!!!!

    wishing you the best! and LOVED reading Nadi updates!!! he is gonna be a rockstar bada bhaiyya!

    how come no posts about how he is reacting to the news?

    hugs and god bless!

  18. sasha. 🙂

    its persian for the guardian of leaders 🙂

    or russian for leader

    or hindi for defender of mankind (spelt as sacha too – which is a bakery in khi! lol)

    or sanskrit for silent guard

    or my-grandmothers-speak for ‘hello golden shy girl’ 🙂

    also sasha can be for a girl or a boy – so you wouldn’t have to think of any other names – sasha khalid wyne sounds ggrreeet and plus, i would really love a namesake! 🙂

    case made?


    lots of love xxx

  19. Oh my god! How exciting!!!! I come back to blogs after a bit and there are lovely TWINS!! Yayyyy bauhat mubarik ho y’all must be so thrilledd!!! :)))

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