all about the leila

Leila has my mom’s eyes. Eyes that are wise beyond years and can see right through you, to the soul inside, with a kind of understanding and peace and acceptance that takes your breath away.

Leila has Nadir’s sunshine. She will be completely poker faced and then suddenly her face will break into a sudden, heart twisting smile that will dispel the cloudiest of greys.

Leila has K’s quirks. She will giggle and chuckle at funny noises and is intensely ticklish. I suspect as time goes by she will become more her father’s daughter, his nuances meshing with her own personality.

Leila has my father’s love for TV. We were sitting watching CSI and suddenly we see someone fixated, literally fixated to the screen. Moving her here and there did nothing to unglue those little eyeballs from the screen.

Leila has glimpses of her babyaah when she is alseep, her face turning into a soft round moon, her features melting into each other but when she is awake she responds best to her maii’s govinda dance moves and crazy baby babble lingo.

She has a touch of the lady elegance and grace that is soย reminiscentย of Mummy, K’s nani.

I love that this little person I love has so much of everyone I love in her- in her eyes, her smile, her mannerisms- that she embodies for me all that is best about this world and living and being alive. I don’t mind admitting that having Leila has been scary because of the amount of emotion attached to her birth and arrival. I tiptoe around the feelings somedays, afraid of jarring some sleeping monster of a reaction awake – but so far it has been amazing. She dashes the demons with her smile, she fixes the gaping heart holes with a gurgle and she basically pretty much makes every single day absolutely worth living, even in these times.


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15 thoughts on “all about the leila”

  1. thank you s for this. i woke up this morning planning to email you to blog , it was about time for the League of Happy People to dispel the doom and gloom of the week…and you were there with this ” garam razai and cocoa” of a post/

  2. I don’t understand WHY you must attend to ANYTHING else in your life instead of spending all your time writing delicious posts for us. Please consider this deeply. ๐Ÿ˜›

    “I tiptoe around the feelings somedays, afraid of jarring some sleeping monster of a reaction awake” – That is gorgeous prose about something so terrifying.

  3. Seriously. Blog more often. God knows, we all seem to need something more to smile about. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I read about your children, and my heart says mashallah.

  4. Mashallah! she is so beautiful and pink in that picture! Prayers for her.
    and yes, as everyone has said; please do spend more positiveness through your posts ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Your words are so beautiful. Just came across your blog last night and your gift of words has me mesmerized. So great to see a Pakistani mom blogger. Please keep writing, will be looking forward to read more.

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