top 8 nadi questions of 2010


1. Mama does mr incredible wear underwear? (ummm…im hoping yes)

2. When I grow up I want to be a penguin. (ok better than being a person anyday!)

3. Why can’t I be a cartoon? (you are nadi love, you really are!)

4. Mama why does the sea have so much pepper in it? (wrong ingredient baby)

5. If superman can fly why does he not have antennas? (because err, hmm, you know)

6. Do germs take baths? (definitely more happily than 3 yr old boys)

7. Why do tigers have round ears and deer have pointy ones? (ask you father)

8. Why does the man on the 100 rupee note look so sad? (sigh…)



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13 thoughts on “top 8 nadi questions of 2010”

  1. This falls into the category of Choooo Chweet 🙂

    Thankfully, he wants to remain a living being…

    When my brother was 3… He wanted to grow up to become a car 🙂

  2. Q.9 Have I read this before? was this in an email…this is freaky, Ive dreamt this post before. It is is still as funny..but I do remember these questions. Curiouser and curiouser..

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