it’s a jungle out there.

Admission fever is in the air these days and teachers are valiantly trying to prep the preschoolers into getting ready for the “big-school” tests.

So Nadi comes home one day and in the midst of some random play casually says, “Mama you know, I will go to a big school and there will be lions there.”  I carefully arranged my expression into one of what I hope was excitement and curiosity and exclaimed, “Really? Thats so cool. Who told you?”  Nadi replied matter of factly “Saba Aunty.” I think for a moment, trying in vain to make some connection to lions and kindergarten. “So what did she tell you?” I prod, really needing to know how lions were part of the big school equation. Nadir looked at me as if thoroughly exasperated by my lack of grasp of something so glaringly obvious. “She told us there will be a BIIG  jungle gym there and dont you know mama, lions live in the jungle, so there will be lions in the big school!!!”


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4 thoughts on “it’s a jungle out there.”

  1. Truth from the mouths of babes. There WILL lions out there, in all shapes and sizes, some even hiding in sheeps clothing. Here’s to hoping our parenting equips these kids to face the world.

    (egypt is clearly making me over philosophize)

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