the flawed education system here.

We had our first “big school” interview for Nadir today. He goes in and 20 minutes later comes out with a kind of a half sad half resigned expression on his face, like he doesn’t want to break some bad news to us.

Nadir (shaking his head, kind of sorry to tell me this): Mama, I dont like this big school.

Me (slightly faking the concern): Why baba? It’s so nice!

Nadir (shaking head even more, half shrugging): Haan it’s ni-iice but it has too many teachers in it!


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One thought on “the flawed education system here.”

  1. I like this kid. Many a day I had fantasized about having the whole school to ourselves without these creatures called teachers ruining it for us. errr, does nadi know what your mom and sis and uncle and you do? too many teachers at home too you know!

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