viva il mistero

I have  plenty of friends who are well on their way to child number three and yes although they have in passing mentioned how much work having multiple kids is but no one ever really ever went into the gory details of how very little personal time you have left. Probably did not want to scare us first timers off at the time.

Since Leila, its like time is on some special kind of warp speed. Sometimes several days go by before I get  the remotest chance of bringing  k up to date on recent projects, happenings or even random daily gossip. Our conversations, when they finally do happen are disjointed, short and almost always broken with Nadi chatter or Leila tasks. Even trying to actually have a good ol fashioned fight on a subject takes a special kind of skill. So yes when we do get the rare chance, we are talking away like teenagers having been given free phone call privileges, and the other day, a friend having watched us for the better part of the evening talk to each other, asked us only semi jokingly, “Dont you guys go home together?”

So yes, what having kiddo number two has done for us- is put the mystery element right back into our relationship, which after  5 years was just starting to get to the comfy old socks stage.  The newness is back into the relationship because we dont have the luxury of time to stare at each other anymore. Not that we ever did that, but…you know. We look forward to a night out together with the same anticipation that a night out got back when we had started to get to know each other. It is kinda nice this weird distance between us, and in this case, without a second thought, I completely blame the kids.


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4 thoughts on “viva il mistero”

  1. i just love what u said…
    yep kids do bring the spark back in life, contrary to what i had heard from most people.
    i have one but … u know…;)

  2. its funny you should say that. I say that the OA and I still hold hands and look into each others eyes because we had the kids so darn early and so fast. we just didnt get a chance to get out of the honeymoon phase. and its unlikely we’re going to get out of it anytime soon because we still have the termites hopping in and out of our beds. when we get our bed to ourselves for a year at a stretch… well then, maybe, just maybe the magic will start to wane. until then, i blame the kids too.

    1. see thats what i mean. everyone keeps telling me how the kids have taken the magic out- but honestly we are back in the dating phase- and secrtely meeting behind the kids just adds to the whole fun!

      or maybe we just like positive perspectives on things 😀

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