Sexy Dragons

So lately Nadi  has been obsessed with dragons after watching How to Train Your dragon. To be honest I thought long and hard before actually showing it to him because he is the kind of personality who gets completely immersed in the details of something he likes. He wants to know EVERYTHING, he wants to BE everything and despite the mad love I have for him, it can be both annoying and exhausting to constantly explain every single detail to a three and a half year old mind.

His current fave one is this particular species that sets himself on fire called the Monstrous Nightmare. So as per current daily regime, he comes to me and the follwing conversation ensues.

Nadi: Mama can you guess what i am?

Me: (searching  for clues in what hes wearing (since he is super detailed and will have little drawings of fire stuck on him with scotch tape to emulate the scene) : “Umm dragon?”

Nadi:  Ye-ess (quite impatiently as if that was obvious) but which one mama!?
Me: Gronckle?
Nadi: NOO!!
Me: Zippleback?
Nadi: NOOO!!
Me: (running out of options) Deadly Nadder?
Nadi: NOOO!!!!!
He then makes a scary face and shouts “I AM THE MONSTERS NIGHTWEAR!!!

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5 thoughts on “Sexy Dragons”

  1. haha..! you are so mean!

    btw, i absolutely loved How to Train Your Dragon.
    and that end scene got me seriously teared up, when he wakes up after the battle. i hope nadi didnt have too many questions to ask at that point.. difficult to answer :S

  2. lol! lol! 😀 reminds me of the time I read about a little kid who said her favorite actress was “Jennifer lowpants”

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