beachy love.

Given that we live in the city by the sea, we make it to our sandy love very rarely. And as our numbers have grown, a trip to the beach can need the planning of a military expedition with the amount of things that have to be packed. But I admit and maintain that nothing can make you feel as holidayed as a day spent in sand and water, eating gritty sandwiches, drinking cold coke and whiling away the hours doing nothing really.

Nadi dug around, splashed around with k. I sat back with Lilly and talked to M. About nothing in particular. We have met often enough as of late to not have any pressing new thing to discuss- everything was at a mellow happy best. Old faces not seen in many months as a backdrop- tea, cake. More talk. Lilly up and then lazing in the sun. Nadi dripping happily all over everything. Hey k. Come sit. Nadi drags him away again. Another hour passes by. Lazy, hot, comfortable.

Drive back. Kids quiet, more great music. Holding hands over the gear- havent done that in a while. Must be the Sunday beach effect.


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