so much for being a princess.

Nadi and I watched the procession part of the Royal Wedding together. In the midst of pointing out the different country flags that they are currently look at in their school, Nadi was also entranced by the “Princess” who stepped out the car. Why is she wearing white Mama? Look the car looks like Luigi but its black. Why is the car black? Look the horse is wearing something funny. Why does that have a hat? A never-ending stream of boy questions.

Suddenly the music swelled behind the commentary as a close up of Kate zoomed into the little window where we, like 2 billion others, were watching it live. Nadi turns to me with a frown, “Where is the shaadi (wedding)?” “England”  I tell him. “Are there a lot of mosquitoes there, Mama?”  Utterly puzzled I turned to him and ” No, why?” And he points to the veil (that lovely gossamer-like sheer veil was made out of ivory silk tulle and hand embroidered by a team from the royal school of needlework. yes, that is the same team that has to wash their hands every 30 mins and change needles every 3 hours) and says, “Because she is wearing a mosquito net like Leila does!”


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14 thoughts on “so much for being a princess.”

  1. Mashallah he has a good perspective on things. Why on earth would one need a mosquito net in the middle of the day – hey?

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