rebooting and updating: summeries of karachi.

Now that I cannot believe summer is actually going to be over in t minus 7 days, I am finally beginning that look back in plesant recollection of what a wonderful time it was. Right from that day when the littlest jam showed up to literally day before as the cousins spent an afternoon together, with Singa land and chicken pox and lazy summer days and tea at moms and park picnics all thrown into the mix along with some old friends and the such. Really nothing spectacular but truly spectacular in being that nothingy.

I will slowly start blogging in reverse. From the day Nadi turned 4 to now, when he starts Big Boy School, complete with uniform and shoes. The memories that the white shoe polish smell brought back probably deserves a blog post all on its own. But yes I shall recollect in chronological order and maybe that way summer will last just a bit longer till we have to “grow up” once again .


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