October 13: Unfinished Business.

The thing with unfinished business is it gets very very itchy indeed. You can think it doesn’t matter but as you are happily toodling along, something random will trigger it, something someone said, something seen and  it suddenly flares up again, like an unwanted rash- demanding immediate relief. I speak with such authority because I have been there. I have lived with this menace, felt its crawly arms encircle me, even as I tried to adopt a more ostrich way of life. After all, unfinished business , in all analysis, cannot be a completely one way street; its bound to have some kind of hold on the other party too, right? So why do these tentacles have a tighter grip on me? “Because you don’t let things resolve themselves that easily, you demand major closure,” a friend brutally informs me.

Perhaps she is right. After all, I like my closure with a dollop of the dramatic. A screaming match. A teary goodbye. A confrontational meltdown. A bare it all email. I feel the more over-the-top honest and flamboyant the gesture is, the better the…well…finishing. I cannot go back to mustering the required emotion to resolve issues so I figure, do it once, do it right. And then, never go back. Business finished.



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2 thoughts on “October 13: Unfinished Business.”

  1. ” I figure, do it once, do it right. And then, never go back. Business finished.”…says it all for me. I adore you jammie for it.

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