daily tidbits 26

So for Lily’s birthday, B gave us gifts. A tiny little kitchen for Lily and Transformers figures for Nadi. Perfect little boy and little girl gifts. Immediate hits with both. But the new phenomena in my two child household as of recent days is the playing together factor. Finally, she is at a stage when she can interact and they are both loving the idea that in this other creature, there is actual potential of a playmate. But as in all perfect ideas, there is a twist, which is that they have different interests. While Nadi will want Lily to be a lion, she wants to use his head as a drum. She will want to dance non stop but he would rather take leaps of  the bed because he is a flying dragon.

I had been wondering if they would ever find common ground to exist on when a few days ago, I saw them sitting in front of Lily’s kitchen set and playing. I gestured wildly to k to notice and together we strained my ears so as not to appear overly interested. What we heard, k swears has ruined his childhood forever, because it seemed, that the Transformers, Decepticons no less, were very busy with their new role- making tea and omelettes with Lily while on break from fighting.


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9 thoughts on “daily tidbits 26”

  1. I’m very happy to read this! All these girly toys aimed at pure domestication like sewing machines/iron set etc. just piss me off

  2. is this cute or is this cute?! seriously, when i read that lily got a “girly” gift and nadi got a “boyish” gift i truly hoped to read that they are actually playing with each other’s gifts and defying the norm. i’m so glad that it’s true! yaye to you for being an awesome mother 🙂

  3. Haha, awesome! Aww, this reminds me of my brother …..and our many, many mattress ‘gutters’ and tea parties – as ninja turtles.

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