Immortal love.

We are walking down a lovely stretch of the mall in Bkk holding hands.

Nadi suddenly he turns to me: Mama you know A’s Naana died?

I carefully smile and say, as conversationally: “Yes I know. Long time ago. Who told you?

Nadi: She did.

Me: Ok.

Nadi: Mama when people die, do they never come back?

Me (doing what I hope looked like me regretfully yet smilingly shaking my head): No, they don’t.

Nadi (after a couple of moments of quiet thought):  But mamas don’t die.

Me: No baby, mamas also die. Everyones dies one day but hopefully not for a very long time. Until they are old and wobbly.

Nadi thinks a few moments and nods:  Haan ok, everyone dies. But not you.


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6 thoughts on “Immortal love.”

  1. This was sooo heartwarming and strangely evocative… reminded me of how my attitude has changed towards my parents… as children we tend to think our parents won’t ever get old… will always be as fit and healthy… will put up with loud music.. will continue to have spicy food.. will continue to round around us…etc… but i feel strange when I see myself admonishing my mom while she munches on spicy food now since it doesn’t go well with her system.. or my fingers automatically reaching out for volume on the remote control in case I’m watching a tv serial with parents.. Seems a role reversal.. wherein I reach out for them and care for them..I feel strange and sometimes, sad.. they are no longer young…

    1. Along with the role reversal havent you noticed how sharply clear the memories of childhood have become- now when I do something with my kids, I always think back to our time as kids and how my mom and dad must have felt and thought and what they were going through…

  2. At 5!! We’re expected to have this conversation at 5!! Damn this growing up business! And who left these onions out beside my laptop? Drat.

  3. Nadi’s perspective reminds me so terribly of my own childhood and my undying in faith in immortality for all the parents of this world. When my father calls me up so I can sort out his facebook glitches or when my mother asks my opinion over something she never deemed necessary, it hits me that I’ve grown up and so have they. Though I still believe God will continue to shine His kindness on us and we will forever cherish our folks’ eccentricities.

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