Lily at nearly 2.


My middle sister (and youngest too sometimes) often claim how my parents love me more and when it comes to documenting stuff, I must say they have a point. While my childhood seems to have been exhaustively covered both photographically and in moving images, from my first step to my birthdays complete with voiceovers, my sisters can barely scrounge up a photogrpah or two of their milestones. My mom will laughingly argue, do you know what chaos it is having three girls around or how things got lost in the fact that we moved countries several times. As justified as they may be, the fact is, I have photo-memories of my childhood and my sisters don’t.

When Nadi was born I had all his photogrpahs all chonronlogically organized and I made a note to self that if he did ever have siblings, I will make that same effort for them even if it kills me. The truth now is that yes, it does kill you. Multiple kids are like whirlwinds with contrasting timings. If one sleeps, the other needs to go to the loo. If that one needs to go to the loo then the first one wants your help in dragging out every book he owns. Its like a constant action packed movie where till they are asleep, there is no time. So yes, my mother had a point I realized, as I suddenly looked up at month 18 and realized that I had nothing on Lily. I havent printed out photos or written about the funny nuttty stuff she does daily right now and my biggest more paranoic fear is that I will forget all the fun stuff too soon.

I have less time so the information had to be presented and captured in a way that suits not only the situation in life but the character of Lily. The L Diaries was my way of trying to (quickly) capture what advertising briefs call the “salient” features of Lily. The things that are the best and most her. That make me laugh and smile and smack my head in exasperation, all at the same time sometimes in the same minute. Happy 22 months baby.


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