The lighter side of being.

Usually Karachi bad stuff bothers me more than world bad stuff, for obvious reasons of course. It’s realer. It always hits closer to home. It always seems to directly concern my kids future and I am still one of those people who staunchly idealistically believe that better times are within reach- minus a few logistics. USUALLY. Perhaps it was the increased number of dead children photos on Facebook or perhaps the world is finally getting to me, or maybe I am more a citizen of the world than I thought i was,  but the Gaza situation really got to me this time. It was horrific and claustrophobic and no amount of trying to block out the news/reports and articles by mindlessly playing Fruit Ninja helped.

The next thing that helps is talking about stuff but somehow that too was depressing. There is really nothing left to say that people far more intelligently analytical than me haven’t already said, on a news channel no less. So while preparing dinner last night , K and I chat about the bigger picture the impact of Jews all over the world. Jews as business people, Jews in community work, basically Jews and their presence in the current world.

Lily was up and puttering around when suddenly she turns around with a concerned look on her face and seriously says ,”I no like lemon jewss mama.”



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3 thoughts on “The lighter side of being.”

  1. Hehe, love your posts. Glad you are back!

    PS: I know what you mean, it is tragic beyond words to see the extent of the cruelty and I hope against hope that better days await.

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