Tis the time to love.


A couple of months ago, I ran away to Dubai for 4 days. Perhaps unrealistically, I had made up a story in my head that if I got a chance to be by myself for a bit I would feel healer, wholer. I was daydreaming of walks and toast and butter with conversation, of late night talks where you say everything without the filter. To say i came completely recovered, refreshed and back to myself would not be true. But I took a huge huge step in the whole process while there.

You know how they say that certain conversations convince you more than ever of who you are. Well so do certain situations and being in Dubai, I was so alively aware of who I have become, of what is fun for me and what is not, what makes me uncomfortable and what feels right that it made me want to hold on. You cant do that unless you have the kind of love in your life that makes you whole, that isn’t scared.
I love you, k.

I described my then state of someone as being stuck in a moment of epiphany. Intensely there. I may have mentioned it here as well. That phrase keeps roller coastering in my head because never before have I felt so in tune with who I am meant to be. It’s not clear, but it is resonating. And for that, the trip was perfect.


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