Things I don’t want to forget – i

Lily: Mama do you know the gosht butter song?
Me: umm no is it a new one you learned in school?
Lily: No! you said you liked it when you were a baby.
Me: I did?? When? Is it a food song?
Lily: No you silly billy! It’s about those guyses who catch goshtshs and skeletons and evil things.

#somethingstrangeintgeneighbourhood #lily #whoyougonnacall


Lay on the floor and gazed at the Sadequain ceiling with Nadi today.#momentstoremember #artfest #sindhfestival #ilmoamal — at Frere Hall on February 10, 2014.


Nadi and Lily looking at an old family trip album together.

Lily: Where am I?
Nadi: You weren’t born yet!
Lily: But WHERE AM I??!
Nadi: You are with Allah Mian!!
Lily: I AM NOT DEAD!!!!

#stayinalive #nadililytalk


Nadir’s pondering question of the night. “Why are mama’s and Abba’s bigger than their children?”


Back to school- winter edition.
L: Mama will you miss me when I am in school?
Me: of course! Will you miss me?
L: No.


Leila’s special gratitude dua for tonight, November 10, 2013: Allah mian thank you for Tipar (itwar) Bazar!#Sunday # itwarbazarfinds



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2 thoughts on “Things I don’t want to forget – i”

  1. ma sha Allah, kids growing up quick, anxious to see how they look all grown up, i miss your blog cover with then in the background. Do give it a thought to post 🙂

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