Seven things that are true today.


1. I love having much less on my plate work wise so that I can give into the summer mode. The non routine me is a nice person and I haven’t hung out with her in quite a while.

2. I am afraid of falling behind on the bandwagon. What the band is playing or where that wagon is headed I have no idea. All I know is that I don’t want to be one of those stuck in time types, insisting that new fangled is way too fangled and that the good old fashioned way was the only right way. This is for both ideas and lifestyle. I also worry I will get left behind technologically. (Kind of like falling off the bandwagon but in the more digital age way where my work is concerned. I need to refresh and update but for that I need a few months where no one needs anything of me and I don’t see that happening for maybe hmmm, another 10 years.)

3. I am happier than I have been in almost 2 years. I am also fitter than I have been in 5 years. And yes the two facts are definitely linked on many levels.

4. I feel like the relationships I want out of my life, friends wise, are in an odd limbo right now and I don’t know how to change that. I miss that dynamic much.

5. After two weeks of spring cleaning, I have thrown out stuff I had previously loving hoarded so ruthlessly and I feel invigorated, decluttered and detoxed after it. And a little bit sad too.

6. I had a killer bootcamp at the park today. The temperature was soaring in Karachi. The women I work out with are fun and annoying and inspirational. I beat my own previous record of doing a plank for 2 minutes by a whole minute and 3 seconds. For someone who couldn’t stay up 15seconds 2 months ago, this was a collapse on the grass in happiness amongst the cheers moment.

7. Since I am by nature a multi-tasker, I veer towards overcommitment- not because I cannot sya no but because I am sometimes afraid of missing out. That probably makes for a distracted me when I am in the zone and I feel that no matter how much I do talk to the kids, the to-do list running at the back of the head and the phone running in hand always takes something away from being completely there in the moment with them. I have consciously made an effort to disconnect from the chatter (both in my head and online) and really be there. There are good days and bad days of course, and this whole in the moment living thing is a work in progress but today, today I was completely there, they were completely thrilled and it was a good day.


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