Because I will forget and I don’t want to (ii)

It was World Day parade today at her school and Leila was- wait for it- a “Pakistani”.

Some gems she has shared with us this week on being one are:
1. Pakistanis only eat chapati.
2. They wear red Kurtas.
3. Only boys are Pakistani. (so in the spirit of the parade, she was a boy today)
4. They talk in “sla-laikumm”
5. They sing the national anthem together when happy.
6. Pakistani’s cousins are from France


Both kids have declared that it’s “cheating that the REAL heart looks nothing like the drawing heart” and that “it’s not even the right shade of red”.

#reality #nadilily #verylongafternoons #biologyfail


Hey Leila- why do you want to be an astronaut when you grow up?
Because I want to.
Yes but why an astronaut?
How else will I see the stars Mama?


At the beach today, while on a camel ride, Lily gets hyper excited as it wades into the water.
Lily: “Look Mamaa, the horse is going in the waterrrrr!!”
Me: “Lily this isn’s a horse, it’s a camel!”
Lily (laughing) “Oh haan. Bechara!”

#camelaspirations #seaviewstories


Me, exasperated at 7:30am: Guys it’s summer holidays! Surely you want to sleep in late ONE day??
Nadi: Why would we WASTE our holidays like that, Mama?!
#roza14 #earlybird #summerhols2013


Passing by the Ideas outlet on the way to Hyperstar, Nadi peers into the shop and says to me in a puzzled tone, “It doesn’t look like they sell ideas in here. Just clothes and bedsheets and stuff.” #roza5 #sellingideas #ramzan2013


Nadi to Lily: We must try and be good because Mama is fasting
and she wants to be good too and not scold us.
Lily looks at him, then laughs uproariously: Noooo. Mama IS so good and she is not fasting. She quite slow.

#roza3 #ramzan #lifeafter35#ramzan2013


Nadir: mama I am going to be a policeman when I grow up.
Me: oh cool nadi I also used to want to be one when I was younger!
Nadi: But then you became a mom na? Because its a better OPTION na?


Nadi spent the night at his Nannas so next morning Lily called him up.
Lily: When you coming home?
Nadi: In a bit why?
Lily: I want you see my new dresh.
Nadi: Can’t you take a pic of yourself and email it to me?


My week pretty much got made when Lily, while playing with magnets on the fridge, called out to me, “Hey mama? Come see my design!” 





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