“Onions have layers”

Things are messy in the whole world right now. People are so upset at the most random of things. They are upset if your don’t update your Facebook status to show appropriate rage at what is happening. And they are upset if you show too much excitement over the football final especially if you haven’t been a die hard fan. They are upset at the fact that the Palestine issue is more tweeted about than the Zarb Azb. In short, much angst is to be felt each time one logs in.

I have lots of feelings too these days about everything. Layered ones. Ones that lie on top of one another till they create a mess and I am not sure of what deserves how much time and brain space. I don’t want to say it out in fear of being attacked (on FB of course) on how trivial and frivolous my things to be grateful are. Because what I would post about would be how much I am enjoying my Karachi stay-cation. That I am loving being able to stay in bed till 9 am these days. That I love hanging out with kids without having to rush. That I love K coming home early thanks to Ramzan timings. That work is great. That my best friends and cousins are going to be in town in the next couple of weeks for the next many weeks and I can’t wait for some soul nourishing hang outs and idle meaningless life changing chit chat. So yes, while the world is going through massive pains, I am in my shell, being unable to express my anger and sadness so internalizing it with a lot of gratitude.

Speaking of layers, I am loving this work by Andrea D’Aquino. Something about the texture, the layers, the sudden clarity with the lot of smudginess is really appealing to the way I am feeling.


images (1)

images (2)



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