Five years and 5 months. Two years and 9 months.

A post on the YM network on facebook, a mummy group I am a part of, reminded me of Zo and BB today. I don’t think of them that often anymore. Mind, heart and arms have been full and happy. But that post swept away all those days and layers and suddenly it happened just now and all the feeling were right there, demanding that I acknowledge them, much the way Zak does once he’s woken up and made eye contact.

Not much to say really, except you know, I wish you guys were here.



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4 thoughts on “Five years and 5 months. Two years and 9 months.”

  1. I might come across as selfish for saying this, but there’s a comfort in reading your posts. I’ve had 4 miscarriages, all after the 4th month…I have never allowed myself to feel (atleast infront of people) depressed or saddened by this. Maybe because people around, family and friends, see me as a strong person, and I’m afraid they won’t handle it themselves if they see me upset….I don’t even know if this makes sense even…but reading your posts allow me to feel what I should have felt quite many times….and it feels good.

    I guess it heals.

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