one big leap for jamkind.

Most people may not know this about me, but I suffer from what M identified as Imposter Syndrome. I live in a subtle fear that one day I will be found out as only posing to be a designer and be exposed for all my technical ineptness and my play acting will come to a sorry end. Of course, in my heart I know that I really do know my stuff and I do it reasonably well,  in the last few years, truth be told, I have gotten sidetracked by this whole motherhood/life malarkey and let go of staying on trend. My concepts and words and ideas remain my strength but software wise, technical-edge wise, I am probably still freelancing somewhere in 2008.

But ten days ago, despite this and other time crunches, overcommitment fears and the fact that I feel I truly have come to appreciate a slower more kids oriented existence for now, I went ahead and signed on to do the launch design of a film in the making. While it is the usual ID design with thematic applications kind of stuff, what feels new and exciting is the fact that I have never done a film so it’s out of my comfort zone. I am excited about new learning, which I have to admit I only do when it is forced upon me currently (brain being too full of raising kids and doing the steady income work but that is another story).

So yes, I am excited. I feel suddenly, all brimmy with ideas. You know what they say, that it only takes one leap to make you go on leaping. And on a corny note, which I apologize for in advance, what better time than this leap year to start leaping around in?


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