How do I want to be remembered?

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When Sabeen was murdered last year, it literally seemed as though everything around us dimmed a bit. I didn’t know her too well but this being Karachi and us being Karachites meant that we ran into each other and chatted at all the things we Karachiites do for the love of the city. Plays, festivals, protests, exhibitions and dharnas. I took part in an exhibition at her beloved T2F with Nadir and even at 6 years old, I could see he loved the vibe of the place. If Karachi was a person, she would be Sabeen, really.

When she died, an avalanche of eulogies followed, on facebook, twitter,  newspapers, and I, like many others, was swept away for weeks afterwards reading about all that she had done, thought and dreamt of in her short, amazing life. She was just about 40, a number that is shimmering on my horizon all too closely and she had done so much, changed so much, lived so damn much. She affected so many people, fought for so many causes. And after the admiration came the introspection. How do I want to be remembered?

I want to write I want to be remembered for my passionate causes, for the brilliance of my work, for service to my country, as an exceptional humanitarian – and other such grand notions, but the truth is, it all seems a bit lofty for the likes of me. So I will tone it down and bring it home to something more doable, for now at least. (you know, in case I am gone too soon)

I think mostly for me, I would want to be remembered as someone who brightened up the day. You know how there are some people who you run into and they say something, or do something or simply are something that just imperceptibly lifts the spirit, makes one smile and suddenly the day looks more upbeat? I want to be that person. I would want to be recalled as the person who somehow made things better, either with her work, her words or her thoughts. I want to be remembered for something I once said, or wrote or taught. Maybe it didn’t get international recognition and make me famous, but it stayed and haunted a person or two and perhaps changed something for someone.

I guess most of us assume we have time to put the plan into action. To start living the life where we see ourselves as the people we will one day love to be. Truth is, this is it. We have to live the life we want to be remembered for at this minute whether it means sitting in the park tracing and identifying cloud shapes with your kids or standing in front of a parliament somewhere fighting to change the world.


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2 thoughts on “How do I want to be remembered?”

  1. God this is so relatable. Another activist was killed and this is what I am I changing anything? The kids are a good excuse but i do get the time to say wax, so why cant I do some volunteering?
    And you S frequently do say stuff that stays with me. I have been a reader of this blog for 6 years or more now and seeing a new post is like finding something you thought you had misplaced. X

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