daily tidbit 22.

me: nadi tumhein alphabet ata hai?? (when i hear him humming the alphabet and am quite surprised at this new development!)

nadi: haaa-aannnn (sing song way)

me: abba ko sunao gaye?

nadi: (thinks about it but obviously is not quite bein able to recall how to start): umm naeeen

mama: kyoun?

nadi: mama nadi khabab ho gaya hai.

me: aww why baby?

nadi: nadi ko nahen yaad ata- nadi thora khabab ho gaya hai. nadi ki battery change karo.


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12 thoughts on “daily tidbit 22.”

  1. i used to mutter “cant you take their batteries out for half an hour’ to my sis (re: the nephews) I guess someone was listening!
    I am sure mine will be saying mujhey reboot karo.

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