Around the world in 80 clicks- the Motherhood Journey

Mad Momma, blogger par excellence and also one of the the most amazing all rounded mom types I have ever seen, tagged me to share  five- yes only five- things I love about being a mom as part of the 80 clicks around the world meme she was tagged in.

1. I love, no scratch that, I am almost addicted to, the heady rush of being needed like I have never been needed before in my life. I can swoon with the power of (a lot of times) being the only one who Nadi wants. The only one who can make him stop looking upset. The only one who can put him to sleep. The only one who can make him break out into his special smile. And maybe on another day I will complain about this, but right now, I can see in his eyes that I belong to him like nothing else and Im flyin high over that.

2. I love being a mom because I am able to now prioritize ruthlessly. I always know whats first for me and the rest become easy to slot as a result. I can chip chop the unnecessary out so meanly, so cleanly that I am almost upset I didnt have Nadi earlier just to teach me this art of so clearly identifying what is important.

3. I love being a mom because it has renewed 100-fold my wonder at life. Fish, socks, dirt, water, crumbs, hair- I am made to look at the world through Nadi eyes and everything is a fantastic new adventure. This sounds horribly cliched but these overused words are honestly all I can summon.

4. I love that motherhood has made me more, not less. I have more to do, more to say, more to think, more to want, more to live for. I feel so much more that sometimes I feel I dont have enough space left in me but just when I think I am going to burst, I find that I am capable of even more. I love that motherhood has rooted out untapped possibility in my soul- of both living and feeling.

5. I love the feeling I get that this completes me. I never believed that it would, but it does. I love how the quirkiest, most crazy parts of both our personalities have translated themselves into Nadi. It’s an affirmation of life moving ahead, a legacy that will go on  like nothing I could ever imagine.

I thought writing out these 5 things would be easy peasy but it wasn’t. I had to struggle to get the words out in a coherent fashion, not because there are only 5 things that I love about this motherhood thing but because all the words sound so banal compared to the feelings trapped within them. Most blogger moms I know have already been tagged but I managed to find some hidden ones and I am hoping this tag will encourage them to emerge…

Hinamommy in Dubai

Artstrollermommy in Toronto

Squiggles Mommy somewhere (am not sure where she is)

Sara mommy in Houston

S mommy in Karachi

Other people I want to tag on this are nis, cheesoo and shez, but I dont know if they still blog actively.


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10 thoughts on “Around the world in 80 clicks- the Motherhood Journey”

  1. s – sometimes i feel you’ve peeped into my thoughts and written them so beautifully on the page! i can so relate with all five, but most especially with 1,2 and 4.

  2. this is beautiful. i’m so glad i tagged you – i know exactly what you mean when you talk about how motherhood has made you more… and how all these words are so banal…

  3. Jammie, thank you for tagging me on this one!!! You described what all mothers feel, how do I add to that???

    I have tried to though…did the tag.

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