In the somewhat quiet of the night

Sometimes (like right now) I like to wake up in the dead of the night and do things that ordinarily in the day get sidelined by the pace we have going.

It’s not really quiet at all. The birds are creating a muted ruckus outside – I am not sure why they are up- it’s pre-fajr but no sunlight due for a while yet. And while on birds, do koels who herald my summer so beautifully every year, stay awake 24/7?

So I am walking around the house and room, shiffling things. I needed to send a mail which I do. I have a quick midnight Whatsapp from a friend visiting Barcelona and heading to Munich telling me which cities we one day simply HAVE to do together. I smile, add in my suggestions and reply to her, our time difference ensuring I will hear from her at some ungodly point tomorrow. (I love waking up to random one liner messages and conversations, have I mentioned that?)

I realize today/yesterday was June 1st and Hussy and I had committed to a month long daily blog challenge to get ourselves back into the groove of writing, documentaing and sharing so here I am at 4 am, getting my writer mojo on rather ramblingly.


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